I got google + invites

I’ve got 10 google+ invites.   Hit me up in my ask box if you want them.  First come, first serve. 

No it’s not 11:07. It’s 110.7 degrees outside. Shoot me now.

No it’s not 11:07. It’s 110.7 degrees outside. Shoot me now.

I’m going under

After 4 weeks of physical therapy I’ve went back to the doctor yesterday.   

She took one look at my foot and recommended surgery.  She doesn’t think physical therapy is helping anything and wants to take the nerve out.  

I think it’s the right choice I just want to know the cost.  I’ve already been raped by the hospital once this year.  

So it looks like the plan will to have my foot operated on in late August early September.  I will be on crutches for 3-5 days then switch to a walking boot for 4 weeks.  Once my 4 weeks is up they take the boot of and she said I will have to learn how to walk again.  Once all the scar tissue is set (around 8-10 weeks) I can start running again.   

So the DRC half and the White Rock Marathon are out.  My goal of a marathon before I’m thirty is out.  But maybe next year.  

Last she asked me not to carry to much weight.  She said if I went to the gym I need to not do any exercise that pushed or pulled with my foot and to stay away from carrying free weights.  

So I am going to have to figure out a workout for the next 16 weeks that’s mostly upper body and body weight for the lower body.   

Let me know if you have any suggestions. 

I had the perfect breakfast this morning and I thought I would share.  

I watched this video a couple of weeks ago and have been making these scrambled eggs ever since.  He is right they are the perfect scrambled eggs.  

But this morning we were out of butter.  So I used some cilantro lime butter (recipe) instead (we made it for steaks last night) and let me tell you…Amazing. 

So if you really want to kick up your eggs and make them soo much better make some of this butter and try it.  

Fat Knees

My physical therapist went on vacation and I got a new therapist this week.  He gave me some good and bad news. 

Bad News first…

I got myself a bad case of the fat knees. 

During my previous days as a drummer and being fat my arches in my foot have collapsed and my knees have buckled in (kinda like knock knees but not as bad).   I call them my fat knees because I believe I stood that way when I was carrying all that extra weight. 

So I turn my feet out at a 30 degree angle or so to compensate for my knees buckling.  

Now I am going to get real scientific on your ass. 

When I run my foot lands at that 30% angle then my arch collapses and my ankle turns inward.  My foot then rotates on the point below my 3rd and 4th toe until it reaches the straight forward position.  

When I rotate my foot like this, it causes those bones to crush into one another and therefore pinch the nerve in my foot. Hence giving me my current situation.  

< End Science />

So what does this all mean.  Nothing really I just have to learn how to walk again.  


Yeah walk again.  

So I am spending time jamming my toes into the ground to “activate my arch.”  The therapist also says I should concentrating on keeping my feet straight and walking that way.   He told me it will feel very weird because the muscles in my thighs are tight but they will start to loosen up the more I walk the correct way. 

And now to the good news.  

I have been cleared to workout again, but only for the elliptical.   They don’t want me carrying weights of lifting anything heavy with my legs until the nerve calms down more.  

So it looks like I’ll be getting a bunch of Netflix movies and working out on the elliptical for the next couple of weeks. 

tl;dr - I have to learn how to walk right before I can run again. But I’ve been cleared to use the elliptical again.

Damn it&#8217;s hot. Anyone want to go for a run?

Damn it’s hot. Anyone want to go for a run?

Weekly Foot Update

I am in pain.  Tons of pain. 

Physical Therapy is supposed to be easy.  Everytime I have gone in the past it’s been one bullshit exercise after another and I barely break a sweat.  

This time is different.  

They are breaking up scar tissue so it’s one ass kicking after another.  It starts with a pain inducing massage.  Then weighted Squats on a balance board and balance ball.  Resisted sprints.  Weighted Leg Kicks. And a ton of small exercises to activate my arch of my foot. 

Don’t get me wrong it feels great to be able to workout again but the pain I feel in my foot for the next two days might not be worth it.  

They tell me this is par for the course and in the next week or two it will slow down and stop hurting.   

But for now they have dropped me back to two times a week and I am not allowed to run or go to the gym unless I have zero pain in my foot.  

Never thought that one little nerve could possible curtail me for 8 months.  

Man this sucks. 

But no excuses. I am working every day on my eating and trying to bring my weight down so I feel better.  

Now if I could just get more sleep. :)

Foot Update

So I went to the doctor again yesterday.

The cool thing is she finished her Ironman in 15 hours and 90 degree heat.  She said by mile 22 of the marathon she was so hot she could only see spots.  I have to say I am totally impressed with the doc and a little bit jealous. 

Ok enough about her….  

My foot is in bad shape.  The orthodics are working but not that great and causing my neuroma to swell up again.   She says that neuroma is right underneath a ligament in my foot so that makes my foot feel tight and swell up quicker.  

She ended up  giving me another shot of cortisol.   This one didn’t hurt as bad as the last but it still hurt like hell.  I iced my foot all day yesterday and I’m not allowed to workout or put any impact or pressure on my foot til Friday.

The worst part of all of this is that I have to start physical therapy again.  

This will be my third time through physical therapy for running.  It seems like my body just doesn’t want to work for me.  I fix one thing and something else fails.   

Oh well…

To finish my rambling here I still have a month to decide on a marathon.  It’s not looking good as the doc is now talking surgery but it doesn’t mean I can’t try. Oh yeah and its fucking hot in Texas.  I’m ready to move somewhere North.

Is this me?

I think so….. O_o